Becoming a member of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church means that you have decided to make this local body of believers in Christ your family of faith and our church campus your spiritual home on earth. As a member you are invited to uphold the church through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. You also have the right and privilege of voting on church business decisions. Good Shepherd has made the process of becoming a member easy, warm, and welcoming.


New member orientation classes are offered on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 9:15 am and the 4th Sunday at 10:45 am in room C241. Information about the ministries of Good Shepherd Church will be presented there. Any question about church membership can be answered during the meetings. Opportunities to become a member of Good Shepherd are offered at the end of the two Sunday morning worship hours.  It is suggested that anyone who comes to join the church at the end of worship times attend an orientation class.                  Those wishing to become members of GSUMC can fill out information cards and have photos taken for the church records at the class. No one is pressured to join our family of faith, which is comprised of all ages and folks with a wide variety of church denominational backgrounds. You can also learn more about becoming a Christian and baptism during the classes as well if considering the Christian faith. You can register for the next new member class under the "Registrations" tab on our church website.