Good Shepherd believes in sharing the love of God in practical ways through local mission projects, and in evangelistic ways by helping to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ worldwide. Good Shepherd is a tithing church that supports missionaries both domestically and internationally with 10% annually of the general giving. Jesus calls his church to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and care for the sick. Whatever is done for the least of those in need is done for Him. There are limitless opportunities to become involved in missions through prayer for our missionaries and those they serve, through financial giving, and also through service in our community, nation, and beyond.


Missions Newsletter

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Communion Rail Offering

The first Sunday of every month, Good Shepherd offers communion in both morning worship services. Offerings are left on the Worship Center communion rails for specific mission needs. Our Communion Rail offering for May will support the Ariun Mor Church in Mongolia

Local Missions with continued Support

Wesley Community Center

For more than a century, Wesley Community Center has ministered to the Northside Village community of Houston. Through their childhood services, youth initiatives, senior program, and emergency assistance they positively affect the lives of over 16,000 individuals a year.

Boys & Girls Country

Boys and Girls Country provides a warm, loving, family-like Christian atmosphere where children have the opportunity to grow up secure and develop to their full potential. Residents live on campus in cottages, attend public school, and participate in activities such as church, sports, band, and camps. Good Shepherd is the birthday sponsor for Cottage #10. We help provide a party and small gift for the 7-10 year old girl residents on their birthdays. To volunteer, contact Joan Robilio:


CareNet Pregnancy Center

CareNet provides compassionate care, practical help, and accurate information to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies or past abortions. They promote premarital abstinence in a manner that draws people into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Redeemed Ministries

Redeemed provides restoration services that bring new life to women victims of sex trafficking. They have operated a restoration house in Houston since 2010. The house provides 12-18 month long care to assist with rehabilitation toward a life of wholeness and independence.

W.A.R.M Treasures

Waller Assistance and Restoration Ministries (W.A.R.M) is based on two primary services, the Assistance Office and Thrift Store. The W.A.R.M Assistance Office provides food, clothing, and assistance to families in need in the Waller area and Waller ISD.  The W.A.R.M Treasures Thrift Shop sells gently used items to help support the Assistance Office and other ministry expenses. W.A.R.M often serves families in danger of homelessness due to sudden emergency or job loss.

Missions Service Activities/Opportunities

Sager Brown Depot (UMCOR)

United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) is the humanitarian relief and development agency of the United Methodist Church. The UMCOR Sager Brown depot in Baldwin, Louisiana is headquarters for relief operations. More than 2000 volunteers come to Sager Brown to help prepare U.S and international shipments of health kits, sewing kits, school kits, bedding kits, and cleaning supplies. For information on volunteering at Sager Brown with Good Shepherd groups contact Sue Gortemiller at

Oklahoma Missionary Conference

Good Shepherd Church has partnered with the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC) by leading mission trips to Apache, Oklahoma. Mission trip teams stay at their Hog Creek Campground. They help with construction projects at the campground, work with the youth of Apache, and lead a Native American themed Vacation Bible School (VBS) and revival. For information about participating in an OIMC mission trip contact Linda or Alex Jaquez at

Kids Meals

      Kids Meals, and extension of Meals on Wheels, provide over 3000 lunches daily to preschoolers throughout 7 zip codes in north Houston. Good Shepherd volunteers have helped pack lunches,  and will do so again regularly. For information about helping with Kids Meals contact Chris Schreiber at

Missions Projects


Tax Day Flood Restoration

Good Shepherd Church committed to restoring the homes of ten families who were impacted by the "Tax Day (4/18/2016) Houston Flood." Volunteers worked ten Saturdays, contributing over 1,550 hours towards reconstruction of the damaged homes. 

Bike Ride for Human Trafficking

  Good Shepherd participated with the United Methodist District in a bike ride to combat human trafficking. The volunteer riders and refresh booth workers from our church helped with the overall effort which raised over $50,000 to support freedom for trafficking victims.

Life Center for the Homeless

   The Life Center is a living facility for those transitioning from homelessness to independent living. Good Shepherd men provided the labor to re-tile the entire kitchen and common area in the Spring of 2016. The Good Shepherd youth ministry has an annual missions event entitled Camp for Christ where students gather requested essentials from the community for the Life Center. As part of the missions project, our teenagers also construct shelters out of cardboard boxes and spend the night with only donated blankets and a provided meal, offering a small glimpse into the struggles of homelessness.


Foreign Missions

Good Shepherd makes it possible for you to participate in ministry work around the world in a variety of ways - through prayer for specific foreign mission families by name, through financial backing of missionaries the church helps support, and by being a part of an outreach team that goes on short term mission trips to countries like Brazil, Mongolia, and Rwanda.